Samvat Year 1837-1908 (1781-1852 AD)

While returning to Akshardham, Lord had put the hands of both the Acharyas in the hands of Gopalanand Swami, made him the chief and had given the charge of the whole Sampraday. He had also shown too much divinity like, Tele-vision, Tele-hearing, Omni-science, control over the Kala (age), the Maya (divine power)the whole universe, the rain etc. By only a glance, he had put many vicious, sinful, devilish people into Samadhi and changed them into virtuous moral pious devotees of God Supreme. Lord made him the Chief of all and said, “All should obey him .If anybody does not obey him should not be known as my follower.”

Swami’s Yougik talent
Hemraj Shah of Sundariyana was a great Nadi Vaidya i.e. very expert to know the disease by the pulse only. He was chief in his caste, a learned and a staunch devotee of Lord Shree Krishna. He was very kind to all. He would serve all the ailing without any distinction, whether rich or poor, by caste higher or lower. His sons were divotees of Lord Swaminarayan. He disliked it.

Once Gopalanand Swami called him on the pretext of his illness, gave his hand in his hand and asked to diagnose the disease. Swamiji stopped completely, the beating of his pulse. He examined the whole body, but it was just like a dead body. While He was speaking with him very actively. Hemraj Shah was very much puzzled. He had heard such type of divinity for Lord Shree Krishna only. He bowed at his feet and said, “You are Almighty Lord Shree Krishna. “Swamiji said, “I am only a devotee. Lord Swaminarayan is the Almighty God Supreme. Hemraj Shah then became a staunch devotee of Lord Swaminarayan.

Swami’s control over the whole Universe
Krishnaram Shastri was a famous astronomer in the assembly of Gaikwad Vadodara State since, he was devotee of Lord Swaminarayan, other members envied him.

Once, it was to happen a lunar eclipse. Due to some counting mistake, Krishnaram declared, “There will be no eclipse. “The others said. “It will surely occur.”Once if a mistake is occurred, man may commit the same mistakes there. It cannot be rectified. Both sides were firm. They came on betting. The Pandits asked, “Are you betting your head if eclipse takes ?”Krishnaram replied, “Yes.”

After reaching home, he counted calmly and knew that it was sure to happen. He was very gloomy. Gopalanand Swami called him and said, “Never to bet of any sort. I will change the rotation, position and speed of moon and the earth to save you. Go to the assembly and declare firmly, “The eclipse is not to happen at all.” All the Pandits came to Gopalanand Swami said, “It is in the hand of Krishnaram to allow to happen eclipse or not, since he denies it would not happen.”

Really the eclipse did not happen. To save a staunch devotee of Lord Gopalanand Swami changed the rotation of the moon and the earth.

Absolute celibacy by grace
Once Gopalanand Swami was coming from Gadhada to Vadtal. He was ill and very much tired. A young Saint served him for the whole night. Early morning, Swami saw him serving. Swami asked him, “Have you taken rest or not ?”. He said “You are old, ill and tired. I am young. It doesn’t harm if I don’t rest. I must serve you.” Gopalanand Swami was very much pleased. He told him to ask any desired boon from him. The young Saint said, “I observe penance, fasts and try my utmost even then, I can’t get rid of the lust or Passion from the inner body. “Swami said, “Since now you will be the absolute celibate. The lust or the passion in your sensorial body will be completely burnt away.”

Thorough knowledge of Gopalanand Swami’s grace
A student named Tryambaknath was studying the scriptures from a Shastri. Since he could not remember and could not catch up the lesson Shastri drove him away. He requested too much, yet, Shastri did not take him in the class.

Tryambaknath was a devotee of Lord and disciple of Gopalanand Swami. He went to Swami and moaned. Any how, he wanted to learn. Swami asked him, “Will you take the side firmly of Swaminarayan if you get a seat in the assembly of the Gaikwad Vadodara State ?”He said, to ask you any of the hardest questions from Vedas or any other scriptures. Tryambaknath went to the tutor. The tutor insulted him and tried to drive him away, still he insisted him to ask a question from scriptures. The tutor asked a mysterious question from Magh Kavya. Tryambaknath gave its five different meanings. The tutor was astonished. He said, “Now you are my Guru.”

Without any study, he became a great scholar with profound knowledge in every subject.
Narsiram of Manasa became an absolute celibate by the grace of Gopalanand Swami. Abhaysingh Darbar was passing his time in hunting was changed into pious staunch devotee, who used to meditate six hours at a squat.

Divinity invested by Gopalanand Swami Hanumanji at Sarangpur
Lord had celebrated many festivals at Sarangpur, so it became a holy place. Amarakhachar and Vaghakhachar of Sarangpur could not serve the pilgrims fairly.

Gopalanand Swami asked Kanji Mistry to prepare an artistic idol of Hanumanji. It was got installed by Acharya Raghuvirji, in V. S. 1895 i.e. 1849 A. D., Gopalanand Swami invested a good deal of divinity in that idol which we can see even to day.

Whosoever bewitched or haunted by any evil spirit like devil, demon, witch, ghost etc., goes there, the worshipper takes water and dips the stick of Gopalanand Swami in it and sprinkles water on the bewitched with charms of Hanumanji. Whoever and however obstinate evil spirit may be but it runs away crying loudly as burning, going ,won’t come again etc.

Even today people from whole India come there with agonies and miseries, but they go happily got rid of all sorts of the evil spirits and miseries. It has become a famous place to get rid of all sorts of evil spirits. It is the greatness of Gopalanand Swami to invest good deal of divinity in an idol for the welfare of the people.

By whose words people were getting Samadhi and in that they had the vision of Almighty God. The vicious, devils and sinful people were changed into virtuous, pious, devotees. The people got profound thorough knowledge without any efforts. The rotation and the direction of the moon and the earth were changed. Gopalanand Swami who has shown such types of innumerable miracles, can’t be even imagined of his greatness.

Gopalanand Swami has composed many scriptures and commentaries over Bhagavat Geeta, Shreemad Bhagavat etc.


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